Feedback : mum’s point of view: I immediately fell for Andrea’s energy, strength, determination and care. I saw straight away, she is going to be a fighter for my vision even if i get weak and insecure during the labour.

Andrea is truly altruistic person and I feel she became part of our closest circle and not only consultant in these last months. What I appreciated the most before and after delivery were her initiative and followups and her confidence building sessions with me.I feel i have all her attention when I need her attention, no matter how busy she is. During the delivery, her role was absolutely crucial. My husband and I are following her advice and believing in her knowledge which helped us manage through the successful outcome. I cannot imagine how women do the long and complicated deliveries without help of doula. I wouldn’t have a clue how was i doing since even in the best hospitals midwifes and doctors dont have time to devote to your individual case. I can always rely on her advice, but she also gives me space and builds my confidence with good questions and enthusiasm. After delivery, she helped me immensely with breastfeeding advice, with getting to know my baby with less worry and fear and more acceptance and calmness. I appreciate that she will always lean towards common sense, natural approach and help us feel more confident as parents.

dad’s view: I was kind of sceptical about doula, especially because I believed that good doctors and nurses take care of everything. My wife also couldn’t explain why she thinks that it’s very important to include her, but she just feels it and I again decided to follow her instinct. That was a fantastic call and I can’t really imagine delivery without doula. Andrea was truly magnificent, carrying the torch at the end of the tunnel.

Baby’s view: Mom and dad had no clue what i was saying to them until Andrea translated it on several occasions….they run to see the dr as if i was sick and all i needed was a bit of help in e.g. falling asleep…yes i get so tired of the new world and sometimes i don’t know how to fall asleep;)…She is very good interpreter, that one;)